Ggachi Bakery takes a refreshingly modern, artisan approach to sweet indulgences. Founded by entrepreneurial chocolatier and pastry chef Heather K. Terry, Ggachi offers a wide variety of handmade truffles, decadent chocolates, baked treats, and truly exceptional tiered wedding cakes. Whether searching for a small gift or dessert catering for your special event, the team at Ggachi Bakery aims to exceed expectations. Using fresh, organic and non-GMO ingredients of outstanding quality, their culinary creations will delight your friends, family, or guests, no matter the occasion.


Company Overview
A Brief History of Ggachi Bakery
Ggachi Bakery was conceived of by Heather K. Terry while enrolled at the International Culinary Center, studying pastry. Having previously founded a successful chocolate business after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition—and studying pastry making at The French Culinary Institute of Manhattan—Heather was looking for a new challenge. Wanting to explore the boundaries of what organic, healthy, and delicious food can really do for people, Heather decided to strike out in a new direction as a culinary entrepreneur, and Ggachi was born.

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, Ggachi Bakery gained its unusual name in honor of Heather’s constant source of inspiration and joy; her daughter, Magdalena. Heather wanted to incorporate her nickname, Magpie, into the bakery name, but it was unfortunately quite a common choice for bakery names, and wouldn’t have reflected their uniqueness in the market.

While in the early stages of developing the bakery business, Heather was working with a friend from Korea. Showing her a photo of a magpie and explaining the significance, her friend replied: “Oh, you mean a Ggachi!”. That is what a magpie is called in Korea, and Heather was instantly charmed by the sound of the word. Magpies are known as symbols of good luck and prosperity in Korea, and that just seemed like too good a sign to ignore. Ggachi Bakery, and the delicious Ggachi candies share that fun name. So next time you give someone the gift of Ggachi Bakery treats, you can wish them good luck and prosperity, too!

What Makes Ggachi Unique
Filling the niche between local bakery and strictly catering-based pastry companies, Ggachi Bakery serves the needs of a wide range of clientele. If you are looking for a fantastic dessert display for you and your guests, you can't go wrong with Ggachi's artisan chocolates and pastries. Ggachi Bakery offers a variety of sweet treats, including options for those with a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences.

From the very start, Ggachi Bakery has been committed to using the finest ingredients available. Through careful sourcing, only the tastiest and most ethical organic products come into the kitchen. Heather K. Terry, founder and head chef at Ggachi, has a passion for real, unprocessed foods. Her educational background in integrative nutrition means that recipes are made the healthy way, taking into consideration a variety of dietary needs. With a strong focus on using high-quality, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, you can feel good about indulging in a treat from Ggachi Bakery.

From intimate gatherings like wedding celebrations to professional corporate events, the talented pastry team at Ggachi can whip up a selection of decadent desserts perfect for any occasion. Delicious trays of handmade truffles, cookies, or party favors that your guests will actually enjoy, Ggachi Bakery does them all! Need a beautifully designed, tiered wedding cake? Heather will direct her efforts into helping create a visually stunning and delicious cake that makes a brilliant centerpiece for your special day.

In addition to larger orders, Ggachi Bakery also offers simple yet sophisticated gift boxes that any recipient will enjoy. Filled with their freshly made truffles, chocolates, cookies, bon bons, or namesake treat, ggachis, these make a wonderful gift for your partner, beloved parent, co-worker, or friend. Ggachi Bakery puts just as much care into individual gift boxes as they do large celebration spreads.


Ggachi Bakery Fact Sheet

  • Founded in 2016 by Heather K. Terry, an entrepreneur and author of the book: “From Broadway to Wall Street: Cautionary Tales of an Unlikely Entrepreneur
  • Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, but ships all over!
  • Builds on the success of Heather’s previous business, NibMor Chocolate, and her studies as a pastry chef.
  • Creates delicious and beautiful treats with modern design sensibilities and both classic and experimental flavor profiles.
  • Offer dessert catering for events of any size from intimate family affairs to large corporate conferences.
  • Does custom, tiered wedding cake designs.
  • Hand package individual gift boxes of their best-selling truffles, bon bons, cookies, chocolates, and more!
  • Spreads a passion for delicious, organic, non-GMO desserts and pastries.
  • Uses only the highest quality, ethical ingredients, carefully sourced.
  • Caters to those with a variety of dietary needs and restrictions such as vegans and people who are lactose-intolerant.
  • Advocates for the consumption of real food, made by hand, rather than highly processed “food-like objects”.
  • Offers new flavors of bon bons and truffles each month.
  • Always experimenting with new recipes and techniques, with delicious results.
  • The only place to get their eponymous treat, ggachis, which are like a tootsie roll and a salted chocolate caramel rolled into one!



Heather K. Terry – Founder and Chef, Ggachi Bakery

The founder and head chef at Ggachi Bakery, Heather has been a culinary entrepreneur for many years, after moving away from her original career trajectory as a young actor on Broadway. Struggling with disappointing auditions and frustrated at the parts she was getting, Heather realized she was unhappy, unhealthy, and unsatisfied, and decided to go back to school, following her other passion—delicious food!

After graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and studying chocolate making at The French Culinary Institute of Manhattan, Heather threw everything she had into becoming an entrepreneur and one of the founders of the incredibly successful business, NibMor Chocolate.

After a few years spent wanting more, and desiring to push the boundaries of what she could do in the organic dessert industry, Heather left NibMor, and enrolled at the International Culinary Center to follow a new passion… pastry! Taking everything she’d learned from her success with NibMor Chocolate, and combining it with a love of pastry, Heather built an entirely new business: Ggachi Bakery. She is now enjoying the success and fulfillment it brings her!  



Are all Ggachi desserts actually made by hand?
Yes! Ggachi Bakery is a small operation run by a team committed to making healthy, delicious desserts and baked goods by hand in our kitchen. None of our production is outsourced or done in a factory. Because of this, each of your tasty treats may vary slightly, and have that individuality which is characteristic of hand-baked and sculpted desserts.

How does Ggachi Bakery place health first?
At Ggachi, we use only the freshest natural ingredients, and do not add artificial preservatives to our products. We source organic certified, non-GMO, high quality chocolate, sugar, milk ingredients, and more. Our commitment to using real, unprocessed ingredients is what gives our desserts such excellent flavor and texture, and making better-for-you indulgences will always be a value we hold to.

How does Ggachi Bakery cater to people with allergies/dietary restrictions?
By listing the complete ingredient lists of all our products, we give customers the knowledge required to make informed choices about which desserts from Ggachi will suit their individual needs. We offer a variety of vegan options, and some of our products are naturally gluten-free. Because all of our products are produced by hand in one kitchen, we cannot guarantee that any given item is 100% free of contamination from allergens, so those with severe life-threatening allergies may have to look elsewhere. We endeavor to cater to those with dietary preferences just like any other customer!

How long will it take to fill an order?
By the nature of Ggachi Bakery’s small team environment, handmade products, and differing order sizes and requirements, the time to fill an order can vary depending on the details. For an operation of our size, order turnaround time is quite fast. Due to the fresh nature of our products and the lack of preservatives used, we make everything as ordered and ship it out immediately. However, should you be under a time crunch or have a set deadline, please contact us to discuss timelines for order fulfillment.

Can Ggachi Bakery make _________ for my event?
It’s certainly possible! If you have a special request, please contact us to discuss whether Ggachi can do what you’re looking for. We’re always interested in expanding our culinary horizons, and just as custom wedding cakes are not listed for order on the website, other custom orders may also be arranged. We’ll let you know whether it’s within the time availability for our team to produce.

Will you give me the recipe for _________?
We do make some delicious recipes available on our blog, such as this one for delicious chocolate chip banana bread. However, some of our treat recipes are top secret and you’ll just have to enjoy the ones ordered from Ggachi Bakery!


News Coverage

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Media Outlet: Institute for Integrative Nutrition (YouTube Channel)
Title: NibMor Chocolate with Integrative Nutrition Grad Heather Terry (video)
Summary: This video focuses on Heather K. Terry’s story of opening her own chocolate business, NibMor. It also features her thoughts on how studying integrative nutrition has shaped the way she approaches her work as an entrepreneur.
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Media Outlet: OrganicAvenueTV (YouTube Channel)
Title: NibMor Creator Heather K. Terry Shares Her LOVE* for Organic Avenue (video)
Summary: This video interview features Heather K. Terry speaking about her love for fresh, organic food and the importance of eating real food instead of highly processed snacks. Heather also provides information about how big an impact even small steps can have on the journey towards better health.
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Link: http://podbay.fm/show/979086246/e/1448946060


Product Descriptions

Ggachi Box/Jar
Our signature treat, for which the bakery was named, available in a lovely box or jar, and perfect for gifts. If you’ve never had a ggachi, imagine a tootsie roll and a salted chocolate caramel rolled into one sweet little treat—it’s a little piece of heaven in your mouth.

Bon Bon Box
Our beautifully handcrafted, gourmet bon bons come in a variety of flavors made for the chocolate lovers in your life, including classic chocolate, salted burnt caramel, butter toffee, peanut butter nougat, and many more indulgent choices. Formed into interesting shapes, dusted with cocoa powder, sprayed lightly with silver cocoa butter, topped with coarse grained sea salt, or whatever else our artistic inspiration comes up with, they look tasty, too!

Chocolate Dipped Dried Mango
Need a little treat that is sure to please? Our chocolate dipped dried mango is for you - or anyone who loves dried mango and chocolate!

Monthly Special Truffle Box
Our gourmet, handcrafted truffles come in a monthly special box, with flavors including dark chocolate, orange, mint, raspberry, and more. There’s no better end to the day than a rich, chocolatey truffle paired with a glass of wine, or even a cup of tea or coffee.

Our Original Vegan Truffle Box
With the same richness and depth of flavor as our standard truffles, this vegan-friendly box is an excellent choice for the veggie in your life, or for bringing to celebrations where there will be a variety of people with dietary restrictions, allergies, or special diets. Using only organic plant-based ingredients like cacao butter, coconut milk, and cane sugar, it’s near impossible to tell the difference between these and our classic truffles!

Signature Chocolate Raspberry Granola
Make breakfast or snack time just as indulgent as dessert with our signature granola. Jam-packed with healthy ingredients, and bursting with the flavor of rich chocolate and the freshest tasting raspberries, this completely vegan-friendly granola will leave the others you used to eat languishing in the back of the cupboard.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
These rich, chewy, gooey cookies have a crisp exterior and could put most home-baked cookie recipes to shame without compromising your dietary choices. The deep vanilla and brown sugar notes are highlighted by the sea salt sprinkled on top of each cookie, and we think you’ll appreciate the perfect ratio of dough to chocolate chips.


Contact Information
If you’d like to contact Ggachi Bakery about doing press coverage, please make use of the media contact information below, and please feel free to download the press kit here

Please call or text:
(212) 653-8881

Or email us (the best option for press inquiries):
Press: press@ggachibakery.com

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