Heather K. Terry never expected to become a successful entrepreneur. Before she hit Wall Street running, Heather was a struggling Broadway actress who became unsatisfied, unhealthy and uninspired after years of tireless auditioning and showbiz disappointments. She retired from Broadway and shortly thereafter found herself in the kitchen, making chocolate. This marked the beginning of Heather’s perilous yet rewarding journey through the world of entrepreneurship.

Through success, failures, and lots of learning curves, Heather has devised a collection of cautionary tales for you, the budding entrepreneur.

In From Broadway to Wall Street, Heather will provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to help you pursue your own entrepreneurial endeavor. This book is filled with humor, advice, personal stories and even recipes(yes, mouthwatering recipes) that will keep you motivated and on-track for success.

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"Indulge Mindfully" when eating chocolate and "Indulge Mindfully" when Conducting a business - YES, YES, YES!

Such an inspiring and honest look at life behind-the-scenes at one of my favorite companies. Heather is a passionate businesswomen who has learned that keys to a successful (and sweet) life are self-love, self-care and self-worth. I can't wait to implement Heather's helpful tips into my own business. I will always be Nibmors #1 fan. "Indulge mindfully" when eating chocolate and "indulge mindfully" when conducting a business - yes, yes, yes!

Arielle Haspel
Be Well With Arielle


Spot-on advice for budding entrepreneurs!

Heather's incredible story is both inspirational and informative. Her deliciously-healthy recipes create perfect breaks in her well-written, easy-to-digest stories filled with spot-on advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Julia Dzafic,