The Future of Dessert- Better For You Is Delicious

Some people get a little confused. I went to nutrition school so how did I end up a pastry chef?

I love dessert. It’s one of the reasons I fell into so many bad habits with it. When I was younger I didn’t realize that quality actually meant something. Everything was fast and furious and caffeine and sugar were king. They were my two bff’s who kept me going day and night. I misunderstood indulgence. I didn’t understand that indulgence meant actually enjoying something. Not that I didn’t enjoy all the crap. I think I did- it was so mindless, so automatic, so easy. But when I got to the other side of all that processed crappy sugar, I was sick and tired. How ironic! I had been eating it all to survive and get through and eventually it completely backfired.

I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for two reasons. One, I was sick all the time. Second, I needed to get out of the endless cycle of daytime auditioning and nighttime working. There, I learned about many dietary theories, and I tried everything. I ended up figuring out that I’m more an 80-20 gal. 80% of the time, clean and healthy eating, 20% of the time, I gotta live! It was also there that I learned about the virtues of chocolate. No matter what diet or lifestyle change we explored, it seemed like chocolate was always on the menu. I ended up taking that idea and turning into a nationally distributed product in NibMor Chocolate.

When I decided to leave my day to day position at NibMor in 2015, I wanted to explore. In the seven years I spent making and selling chocolate I always felt that something was missing. I wanted more skill. I wanted more variety. So I went back to school at the International Culinary Center in NYC and went on a six month, full time mission to see what else dessert could do for me. I explored every application of French pastry. It was DIVINE! 82% butter fat, heavy cream, buttercream, cake, croissant, breads, oh my! It goes on and on! I realized I had been missing the pleasure and the indulgence of dessert.  Not crap dessert- REAL dessert. And it was awesome.

After my departure from ICC in 2016 I spent several months giving myself some room to breathe. I was trying to figure out how these two ideas could come together. At NibMor, it was easier. Like I said, people generally accept now that chocolate can be healthy for you. Those attributes exist in all chocolate (but is much more prevalent in dark chocolate). But how could better for you filter into a broader dessert category? I did a lot of experimentation and research and Ggachi Bakery was born.

See, I won’t healthify anything unless it tastes as good as the original. And I won’t give up until I get there when I really have my mind set on something. And that is why the future of dessert is feeling so sweet to me right now, and it should to you too. On this blog, my new series which starts shooting in a few weeks, my social media feeds, I will be exploring all things better for you and indulgent in dessert. Always organic and non-gmo, sometimes gluten free, vegan or paleo there will be something for everyone. We’ll be using a variety of sweeteners and innovative ingredients, things you never thought to put in a cake, how to make chocolate with minimal equipment, and so much more. I can’t wait to start sharing it all with you and your families!

Get ready. The future of dessert is better for you AND delicious and I’m going to show you how to get there. Speaking of that, what’s your favorite dessert? I’m listening! Maybe the better for you version will end up here on the blog!